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flooding over the next several hours. weave had only about a quarter ch here in washington. just to our west we've had about 1/2 inch. shenandoah valley has had from an inch to over three inches. around two inches just to the east of the blue ridge. just had a gust at dulles airport at 44 miles an hour, those winds bringing down a few tree limbs causing power outages this morning. the temperature now 60 degrees in washington on january 25th. it's not going to last long. we'll be near 40 by midnight. the 30s tomorrow morning. this rain should taper off and end around midday today with the winds remaining rather gusty into the afternoon. a bit blus sterry again tomorrow. partly cloudy on it is with highs in the mid to upper 40s. a bit colder on wednesday and thursday. morning lows in the upper 20s with afternoon highs in the low to mid 40s. looks like a chance of snow on friday. we'll take a look at that. that will be coming up in just a few minutes. right now watch out for the ponding of water especially around construction areas. many small creeks and streams are running high. they may
of the biggest sports figures in town, but these could call his future into washington into doubt. hakem dermish has gilbert's take. >> reporter: gilbert has communicated through twitter. that's where we get his response to this incident which is crazy. the wizards' season has been completely disappointing on the court. off the court, it's been bizarre. after seeing the published report this morning, gilbert arenas tweeted, "i wake up this morning and seen i was the new john wayne. lmao media is too funny." "i understand this is seriou if you ever met me you know i don't do serious things." "i'm a goof ball. this story don't sound goofy to me." pat collins asked teammates about what they know about the incident. >> ever seen any guns in the locker room? do you think these allegations will impact your play tomorrow night's game? >> we've got to focus on tomorrow. people are going to investigate, look into it and do their job. >> reporter: ever see guns in the locker room? >> never. >> reporter: do you think these allegations will affect your game plan tomorrow night? >> no. we believe in each oth
to washington to deal with flight security lapses after an attempt to blow up a plane. >>> and a bitter cold arctic blast. the windchill is going to make it feel like temperatures in the teens and even the single digits. >>> but we begin with a report that two washington wizards players pulled guns on each other at the verizon center. good evening. i'm pat lawson muse. >> i'm doreen gentzler. gilbert arenas reportedly pulled a gun on fellow teammate javarris crittenden. the report comes from the "new york post," but we've learned that d.c. police are looking into the matter. pat collins is at the verizon center with more this afternoon. >> doreen, guns. star athletes. a locker room. a police investigation. sounds like a recipe for a scandal. and the wizar say they're taking this situation seriously and cooperating fully. explosive allegations in the "new york post" saying wizards star gilbert arenas pulled a gun on teammate javarris crittenden. the "post" says it happened in the team locker room during an argument over a gambling debt. the paper says that arenas drew a gun on crittenden and
district of columbia. right now 36 in washington. in the low to mid-30s in montgomery, prince george's, arlington and fairfax counties but where that snow and sleet is falling and the rain as well freezing up in parts of the northern shenandoah valley and panhandle of west virginia. southern maryland around the bay in the upper 30s. there's a winter weather advisory, loudoun, howard, shenandoah valley and that warning zone all those counties in pink could get some significant icing there as the day progresses. had light icing overnight along with sleet and snow. showing a developing area of low pressure around cape hatteras as that low deepens it will dra in colder air, change the rain into light notice. light snow in washington, suburbs, all around the region by late morning and off and on through the afternoon but just a trace for total accumulation arnd the metro area. but further west and north two to four inches of snow and sleet as we get into the late afternoon hours. all this will ends. quarter inch of ice in the shenandoah valley. all this ending by late afternoon cle
peninsula. kimberly dozier in washington has more on that part of the story. story. >> reporter: this is yemeni government video of its u.s.-trained counter-terrorist teams at work. but cbs news has lshed exclusively that recent combined air and ground assaults against al qaeda in december were american-led, according to a u.s. special prayings expert who trains yemeni officers. >> that was very much something executed by the united states but with very heavy support by the yemeni government. it was cruise missile strikes, in combination with military units on the ground, but it was a very disik signal from the obama administration that they are serious in assisting yemen remove these al qaeda facilities from its soil. >> reporter: the target, al qaeda of the arabian peninsula, an affiliate of osama bin laden's group with a popular following in yemen. the yemeni offshoot claimed responsibility for the attempted airliner bombing on christmas day, but american counter-terrorist teams have been track al qaeda in yemen since the uss "cole" bombing in 2000 and the u.s. military, incl
with the washington redskins is over. zorn has been fired as head coach. the skins finished the season 4-12 after losing yesterday to the san diego chargers. they were just 12-20 during his two years as head coach. zorn was the sixth redskins head coach under dan snyder who bought the team in 1999. our own lindsay czarniak broke this story. >> she joins us on the phone now with the very latest. thanks for joining us. what can you tell us about when this happened and how it happened? >> as eun said that jim zorn has been let go, it happened early this morning upon the team's return from san diego. the team landed around 2:00 a.m. and i'm told zorn was packing up his things with team officials waiting for him there at redskins park. so, wha we know from being in san diego with the team last night is that they had scheduled an 11:00 a.m. player availability for this morning. they also have scheduled an 11:30 meeting that players assumed would be zorn's address of the team and then zorn himself was scheduled to have his availability, which he always does at 12:25, which i said is his normal time. it'
political winds in washington, based upon the bill: continuing with our lead story. scott brown to the senate by massachusetts voters. joe trippi. i want you to react to president obama today reacting to what happened last night. roll it. >> it was my assessment of not just the vote in massachusetts but the mood around the country. the same thing that swept scott brown into office, swept me into office. people are angry and frustrated. not just because of what's happen in the last year or two but over last eight years. bill: he it goes back to bush and all of that what do you think? >> well, i think he's right. hopefully it is a wake up. he's right that the anger and the need for change is what swept him in and it is what swept brown in. people are angry at washington. they are angry at the insurance companies and the banks getting away with bills that work for them but aren't working for the american people. scott brown tapped into that while a complacent democratic party that's doing these deals in washington like the deal in nebraska, 100 million dollars, to the states for ne
>> "washington journal" takes your calls and e-mails live every morning starting at 7 a.m. eastern, here on c-span. >> "newsweek" is reporting exclusively that saturday morning president obama received a high-order briefing three days before christmas, about terrorists threats. the highest officials are a part of this. and talk about that this hour, and thought we would get your feelings on airport security, what have you noticed and changed in the days of the incident coming into detroit. if you have been to the airport, or know someone who has, call the numbers on your screen. your experience with airport security lately. there is this story in "the washington post", lawmakers knew of tsa pick era, and it's a follow-up of the nominee. lawmakers knew of tsa pick's error, the latest is that the democratic senators lobbied around tsa pick, and as new details emerged that key lawmakers knew that he had mischaracterized a personal incident in his testimony, washington supported rogers of his assessing confidence criminal records 20 years ago of his then estranged wife's boyfriend. as
. >> looking ate couple of interesting stats about jim zorn's time here, two years with the washington redskins, going 1-20 during those two years. he has tied with steve spurrier for thworst redskin coaching record. that was a minimum of two years. one other thing we want you guys to see, worst pots per game by a redskin coach, that also belongs to jim zorn. the next head coach to come in here with the redskins will be the seventh since dan snyder bought the team in 1999 so consistency has been a big issue here at redskins park. players are expected to be here around 11:00 a.m. hopefully, we'll get reaction from them and a press conference scheduled at 12:30. >> the only thing consistent is the inconsistency. >> that is pretty much it. >>> much more ahead on that big stopper toy. dave ross joins us live in about a half hour. >>> gilbert arenas set to meet with law enforcement officials today about allegedly bring a gun to verizon center. he asked in, quote, batted judgment for bringing guns to the locker room. he and a teammate reportedly drew the guns on each other in a argument over gamblin
of our pollsters put it, the message is "we hate what's going on in washington." chuck todd joins us at the top of the show. >>> plus, i love this story -- watergate. federal marshals have arrested a group of conservative activists in new orleans for allegedly attempting to wiretap the offices of democratic senator mary landrieu. the leader of those arrested, james o'keefe was the same conservative activist who became a right-wing hero for imitating a pimp at various a.c.o.r.n. offices. he together with three others were taken into custody after being caught trying to bug the offices of senator landrieu, a moderate democratic lawmaker. they had represented themselves as telephone repairmen. is this the equivalent of a third rate burglary or the start of something big? >>> also, how vulnerable is senator john mccain to a challenge from the right? former congressman and radio talk show host j.d. hayworth calls mccain a moderate -- that's a bad word by him. and he's going for that seat. he'll be here on "hardball." >>> john mccain isn't the only republican in trouble. will the thunder o
from washington. captioned by closed captioning services, inc. >> so how the fed are telling it there was a second person detained in the christmas day plane plot. plus, a possible motive for the deadly attack on a cia base in afghanistan and rush limbaugh speaking out about his health care. i'm gregg jarrett in for shepard smith and the news begins now. >> who will take charge of security in the skies? week after an attempted attack, new problems for the president's pick to lead the transportation security administration. why the nominee is correcting the record about something he calls a grave error in judgment. a devastating attack on u.s. intelligence on the afghan-pakistan border, new details on the bombing that killed seven cia workers, what it tells us about our strategy in the region, the risks and the future of the fight. and as the ball dropped and the crowds cleared, they were watching. >> for our command post, post 8. >> catherine herridge takes us where reporters have never gone before. >> how tough is it? >> behind the scenes with the fbi at the biggest party of
. and now facing multiple terror investigations back here in washington. so, what went wrong? who will be held accountable, if anyone? >>> and just moments ago, secretary of state hillary clinton with her first comments about the aborted christmas day airplane bombing and the threat in yemen. >> the situation in yemen is a top concern. how can we work together and with others to stabilize yemen, assist in securing its borders and providing for its people in combatting al qaeda. the instability in yemen is a threat to regional stability, and even global stability. >>> the fallout for air travelers. new rules, new delays. and a false alarm at newark international caused them grief overnight. >>> this hour homeland security and intelligence expert congresswoman jain harman, plus eleanor hill, the staff director from the 9/11 investigation. nbc news justice correspondent pete williams and nbc terrorism analyst michael sheehan and roger cressey. and counter terror chief john brennan takes on criticism from former vice president dick cheney. >> i'm very disappointed in the vice presiden
this morning if you still feel too impaired to drive yourself. the washington regional alcohol program is still offering its sober ride program. you can get a free cab ride up to $50 until the end of this hour. call 1-800-200-taxi. >>> new today a threatening start to the new year in d.c. police are investigating a shooting outside of a church service. the gunfire eruped outside of the building in 3000 block of naylor street. >> reporter: somebody decided to ring in the new year with gun shots here in southeast at a church. now this morning we talked to the pastor of that church. the new life praise temple. he said a gunman opened fire outside of the churn. the shots flu in through a window but did not hit anyone inside. he said there were about 40 people inside the building for a new year's eve service. he also said that there were about five or six shots fired. people inside the church said they were just singing, worshipping, praising, and then they heard the gunfire and saw the shattered glass and they hit the deck, lying on the floor they said they were scared to death but remarkably no on
out the door by team staff and ening his 2 year 20 loss odyssey here in washington. red skin's owner daniel schneider issuing a statement reading in part quote no one in the organization is satisfied with our record over the last two years and i am sure that jim would concur with that statement. it has been painful for him, too. i certainly accept responsibility for mistakes that i have made. dan snyder making that confession today. gm bruce allen saying he didn't want to wait one more day to start fixing this franchise for next year and we will hear from him inside redskins park in about 25 minutes. >>> and players have supported publicly jim zorn throughout this entire 4-12 season but really none of them inside of the locker room were surprised that their coach had been fired. players started arriving at the facility just after 9:00 this morning. they are now left with the uncertainty of who will take over this team. and if they will fit into the future coach planes. bruce allen met with the team in a meeting that would last less than 10 minutes and the message was clear. change is
-stars, right here, right now. ♪ ♪ >> bret: welcome to washington. i'm bret baier. death is everywhere in port-au-prince, haiti, tonight. the capital city was virtually at ground zero of the most powerful earthquake to hit the area in almost 250 years. estimate of the dead range from tens of thousands to to 100,000. many more are homeless, hungry and hurting. we begin our coverage with the white house correspondent wendell goler live in dominican republic. >> good evening. we believe the air force managed to evacuate a plane load of injured presumably for treatment of hospital. but the dark has fallen and that may be the only plane that t flies out of port-au-prince today. recovery and relief efforts are largely uncoordinated. several main hospitals, the doctors without borders declared inoperable. medical care provided by cuban med center and hotels now. government of haiti was affected by the earthquake. parliament and presidential palace and the u.n. mission. some of the people who would have led the recovery efforts are simply not available. reports indicate that rescuers are working with
, everybody. it is january 1th. there is a live look at the washington monument and the temperature just above 0 degrees which is pretty nice. haven't seen that in a while. thank you for being here. i'm gurvir dhindsa. >> i'm steve chenevey. welcome to fox 5 morning news. let's say good morning to tony perkins as we look towards hopefully better things out there today. we'll see temperatures i think similar to what we had yesterday. we will have gradually ng condi course of this week. as we mentioned yesterday and by the end of the week, upper 40s. let's take a look at what is happening right now. it is not as cold as it was yesterday. current temperature, 31 degrees at reagan national airport. relative humidity, 42%. your winds out of the northwest at 15 miles per hour. here is a look at the satellite- radar. we do have clouds in over us as opposed to yesterday morning when we had fairly clear skies. some clouds down to the south and those clouds are going to be continuing to clear out as the morning and the day progress. we'll have a good amount of sunshine for the day today. here is a look
, 2010, the first weekend of the new year. hope you're having a great one. >>> washington police are investigating an incident between two nba players who reportedly drew guns on one another in a locker room standoff. joe carter is here with this bizarre story. >> good morning, susan. >>> the new york post is reporting that two washington wizard players, gil ert arenas and javaris crittendon both drew guns on each other. according to the new york post, it was over a gambling dispute. they told cnn washington police are investigating. >> a lot of rumors going on. sorting rumors from fact is going to take some time. there is an investigation under way, and i can't xwhent on it. >> the wizards released a statement saying the team takes this very seriously. neither gilbert arenas or jar vars crittendon could be reached for comment. >>> the president says it appears the suspected bomber umar farouk abdulmutallab joined the group while in yemen and got training from al qaeda while there. the group gave abdulmutallab the explosives and his marching orders. in his weekly radio address, t
winds in washington, based upon the election of scott brown to the senate by massachusetts voters. joining us now from los angeles, fox news analyst joe trippi who ran howard dean's presidential campaign in 2004. i want you to react to president obama today reacting to what happened last night. roll it. >> it is my assessment of not just about massachusetts but the mood around the country, you know, the same thing that swept scott brown into office swept me into office. people are angry and they are frustrated. not just because of what's happened in the last year or two years, but what's happened over the last eight years. >> bill: all right. so it goes back to bush and all of that. what do you think? >> well, i think he is right and hopefully, you know, this will wake up the administration. he is right that the anger and the need for change is what swept him in and it is what swept brown in. people are angry at washington. they are angry at the insurance companies and the banks getting away with bills that work for them but aren't working for the american people. and scott brown
. >> we need to lead the liberation against them outside the pakistani borders. >> reporter: washington post reports that his vehicle sped through and when checked by a security guard, he quickly dealt nate go the bomb sending steel pellets ripping through him and dozens of people near him. in an op-ed for sunday's post, leon panetta lashed out at critics those that gave their lives somehow brought it about themselves. he was about to be searched before he detonated the explosives. his father says he blames america for turning his wife into a widow. >> julie: new reports of a missile strike in pakistan. u.s. intelligence sources say it happened in the north tribal region, a drone strike killing two suspect west side ties to a militant network, a group suspected of involvement in the c.i.a. bombing. this is the sixth such attack in the last week in the area. they are saying three others were wounded in the strike the. >> gregg: recent terrorist activity has the government looking for answers. white house, intelligence agencies, they are trying to determine how the red flags were missed a
problems in the future. wendell goler is following all of this from our washington newsroom tonight. wendell, what do we know? >> well, julie, the president got two briefings, his counter terrorism director focus cussed on the intelligence community's failure to connect the dots and determine the threat posed by umar abdul mutallab while the secretary of homeland security looked at how the young nigerian was able to go through airports in ghana, nigeria and netherlands and board a plane bound for detroit with a bomb sown in his underwear. janet napolitano said she is sending senior aides at airports around the world. lee hamilton says abdul mutallab should have been flagged at the ticket counter. >> you learned he paid cash. you learned he didn't have a credit card. you learned he didn't put any baggage on the airplane. you have learned the u.k. had denied him a visa. >> senate intelligence committee head dianne feinstein plans hearings next month on why abdul mutallab wasn't flagged for airport screening even though he was on the terrorist data base. feinstein sent president obama
clubs are ready with early classes. alex trevino is live from northwest washington with more. good morning, alex. >> reporter: good morning, jessica. health club employees privately call them resolutes. they are the new faces that show up to fitness centers this time of the year determined to fulfill their new year's eve resolutions to stay in shape and lose weight. and many health clubs like this one, sport and health, this is the busiest time of the year. in addition to new members current members use the start of the year to work toward their goals an the outdoor weather makes it hard to codo workouts outside. so you are better to be in the gym. this morning we are talking to a fitness health expert about getting started and a workout specifically tailored for your needs and the best way to follow through and stick with it. so we will be talking to some fitness experts here at the sport and health club. reporting live in sport and health club, 9 news now and wusa9.com. >>> it is a boy. innova alexandria hospital reports the first baby of the new year was born three minutes after
of his intelligence chiefs when he returns to washington this week. he had really hoped to start this year, 2010, focusing on health care and the economy but those issues now on the back burner. his weekly address this morning in that he provides a new tail about the plot to bomb flight 253 on christmas day. >> also we have a sports schedule to tell you about this morning that does not involve tiger woods. nba and washington, d.c. police are investigating a report that two members of the washington wizards basketball teadrew guns on one another in the team's locker room during an argument over gambling debts. why guns seem to become part of the culture for some professional athletes. >> we've seen police use facebook to track down crimes. now the tables have turned on them. an escaped convict has been using it to taunt police with clues as to where he is. the facebook fugitive has more than 30,000 friends at last count still out there. >> why can't they take down his account? we'll get to that later. >>> also coming up the perils of peering into the future. there was a time when
of the man's own daughter. president barak obama calls for partisanship in washington to deal with the war on terror. >> 11 news sunday morning starts right now. >> welcome to 11 news sunday morning. top stories in just a moment. first, we want to take a a lookout side. >> as they say in new england. it's wicked cold. terrible out there this morning. wind chills are a little below zero. it feels like downtown, it's is the. examine bridge, 21. york and haguerstown. these are the gusts. parkton, 23. 27 mile an hour gust in easton. when you factor all that together, it feels like zero at the airport. two downtown. zero at easton. eight apoff and 11 below. in addition to the wind and cold, they are getting a lot of snow out in far western maryland. we'll talk about this wentry weather. a balt father is behind bars this morning charged with the beating death of his own daughter. they are charged with beating his 20 month old daughter to death. we have more. >> it was december 17. the afternoon of the blizzard of 2009 when rescue workers were called to the home of the 2800 block of kentucky aven
before the botched attack. live in washington. what do we know about that last phone conversation? >> well excuse me shannon that report suggests that that final phone call is really what triggered the father into action. abc news reporting that the suspect in that call warned his father it would be his last contact with the family and that the people he was with in yemen were about to destroy his sim card. the father reportedly contacted they skbrer yan -- nigerian officials who took him directly to the cia chief in nigeria's capital. state department confirms immediately passed on some information about sri lankan -- umar farouk abdulmutallab to other em be as and i intelligence official told fox that the cia's desk began preparing a fuller report on the suspect but that was never completed or disseminated before the christmas day attack shannon. shannon: we know president obama has gotten some preliminary reports back the reviews he wanted to see do we know anything about the changes he's being urged to make? >> shannon the president got that report series of brefgs and confere
, there is a way you can get home safely without getting behind the wheel. the washington regional alcohol program is offering the sober ride program again this year. it covers fares up of to #r5 dollars and it runs -- $50 and it runs through friday. all you have to do is call 1-800-200-taxi if you need a ride. bus district will also be extended. the georgetown union station route will end at 2:00 a.m. the square metro route will be running in the 3:30 in the morning. service will return to regular hours on new year's day. >>> organizers estimate 1 million people will pack into new york's time square for the big apple traditional celebration. it's getting very close now. police are out to make sure everybody has a safe and memorable time. carter joins us. >> reporter: right smack in the center of the cross roads, you look behind me probably about a million people behind me. so we have some rain, we have some snow falling. but, do you know what, it doesn't seem to be dam peng spirits here at -- dampening spirits here at time square. these people are prepared. they've been here all day long. the par
's go back to washington. this is the scene live in the grand foyer. our main story, that president obama is meeting with top intelligence and security officials. we expect the president to speak in the next few moments. as we wait for him to leave that meeting and speak to the assembled media, let's speak to philip thomas. he has been away for 11 days in hawaii, and as well as the obvious security measures we think he will be announcing today, something of a damage limitation exercise politically for him. >> he wants to be in control, chris, firm, and share some of the outrage that america is feeling and show that he acknowledges the national sense of shock out there. there has been a great deal of criticism over the fact that after christmas day -- it seemed to take a few days for the white house to get its message together. he will be announcing policy changes, and we are hearing a bit of that already, with the decision for example not to repatriate yen many criminals -- yemeni criminals. >> is anybody in the firing line for the mistakes that have been made? >> i think people wil
with the latest from washington. >> hi, shannon, the connection to the al-qaeda presence in yemen. president obama says the u.s. is at war against a far reaching network of violence and hatred and will do whatever it takes to defeat them. the president vacationing in hawaii an initial plot to bomb the amsterdam to u.s. flight christmas day has more details about the suspect. >> we know that he traveled to yemen, a country grappling with poverty and to join afail yacht of al-qaeda, trained him, equipped him with explosives and directed him to attack that plane headed for america. >> the president said he expects his counterterrorism and homeland security advisors to present final results of their inquiry as well as recommendations about how to proceed in the days to come. in the republican weekly radio and internet response today, the top g.o.p. senator, mitch mcconnell says the new year brings renewed hope and optimism. with two on going wars, recession and unemployment 10%, obama says it's difficult days for our nation, but went on to say these challenges do not define us as a people and difficul
in southeast washington is celebrating what many of the parishioners call a miracle. somebody fired rounds into the church. >> stacy cohan joins us live from southeast with more on what happened. >> reporter: well i can tell you, police believe it was a 9- millimeter that was used and a single gunman that fired into the new year's day shooting. it happened on naylor road. the 3,000 block. just around 12:30 there were 40 parishioners inside the new life praise temple to celebrate new year's eve together when the suspect started shooting. about half a dozen bullets hit the front of the church. but fortunately none of the parishioners were injured. we did get a chance to hear what happened by talking to the pastor. >> we had a singing group that was up singing and the music was kind of loud. because we weren't expecting to hear no gun shots come through the window like it did. >> right now we're investigating it as an assault with a dangerous weapon, a gun. we definitely fel that at this point there is enough facts to say that it was intentional shooting at the building and anybody that would
. >>> president obama set to return to washington tomorrow ahead of a tuesday meeting with top national security officials on the series of failures that allowed the bomb suspect to board a plane, armed with explosives. joining us now live richard wolf, an msnbc political analyst. richard, the developments in gemmen are intriguing regardless of what's fueling them. let's go through the possibilities. general petraeus meets with yemeni leaders yesterday. today they decide to announce there's an active al qaeda threat. is it possible that maybe this is because general petraeus meetings with yemeni leaders did not go as well as he had hoped? >> it's possible, but there's another piece of news as well, which is that the british government announced that it was setting up with the americans a counter terrorism police unit in yemen and, you know, if you are going to say we're going take these people on directly it's going to be american and british funded because the yemeni government cannot deal with this, it's a deeply dysfunctional government, not really in control of its territory, then you can ex
. >> julie: more for the search for answers in washington. police say he was on the run for months. a man accused of murdering four family members on thanksgiving day, now behind bars. >> there's a weight lifted off our shoulders, obviously, boy making this apprehension, now i stand before you and have peace. >> ahead, what led them to the motel hide away and what the owners of the hotel are saying now. plus. >> there's no magic temperature that says you're going to get frostbite or not. >> julie: many states below freezing with some reaching sippi single digits. when will this cold snap finally break. first, we have breaking news, the transportation security administration announcing new rules for flights headed to the united states from at least half a dozen countries that are considered high risk for terrorism. enhanced screening measures set to take effect as of midnight tonight. more on that in just a moment, but it comes just over a week after the failed bombing on a detroit bound flight and now, the president's top anti-terror advisors saying there was, quote, no smoking gun that
," president obama's now back in washington amidst new fears about our counterterror system. >> terrorists are smart. they know where security is good, they know where security is lax. >>> plus, the fight started by dick cheney, the obama administration is hitting back hard. >> either the vice president is willfully mischaracterizing this president's position both in terms of language he uses and the actions he's taken, or he's ignorant of the facts. >>> the new effort in airports around the world. there will be additional screenings for passengers headed to the u.s. from muslim countries and cuba. meanwhile, the aclu argues against body scanners. >> i think their argument is absolute nonsense. we now have body scanners which show simply an outline of the body. >>> also, rush limbaugh's praising the medical treatment he received in hawaii, and is ignoring the fact his health came from union nurses and staff and a state system that some lawmakers call the most liberal in the country. >>> the deep freeze across much of the nation. when will the midwest and east coast finally see some relief?
made a surprise visit over the weekend. it comes as president obama is returning to washington right now from his hawaiian vacation. steps up focus on what he sees as an emerging threat. >> the investigation into the christmas day incident continues. and we're learning more about the suspect. we know he travelled to yemen. it appears that he joined an affiliated of al qaeda and that this group, al qaeda in the ararian peninsula, chatrained h and equipped him with explosives. i've made it a priority to building strengthen our partnership with the yes, ma'me government. >> a lot of politicizing of some events. we'll get to later. richard engel here with new information on the cia attack on afghanistan. >> yeah, i got a call, i guess it was friday. >> um-hum. >> from somebody in the cia that was very upset at the reporting. don't believe what you read in the newspaper about how some guy penetrated the barriers and rushed into a cia room and blew himself up. this was a nightmare, a double agent, what we've been afraid of for years, and you heard the same thing and this is new. >> actuall
in washington, d.c. treasury secretary tim geithner, the man who has been keeping all those aig secrets, whether he was the one that made the decision on the pass-through or not, conflicts depending on which e-mail you read. and which document you look through the redaction to see. but the man himself, the custodian of america's wealth, the king of the back-door bailout and secrets will be testifying tomorrow. and i am certain he will be grilled about those efforts to keep those details secret from the american people. also testifying, former treasury secretary hank paulson who was the man who sat as treasury secretary before tim geithner in that secret meeting of the nine for the t.a.r.p. giving out $10 billion at a clip with three or four paragraphs per page, an interesting day during the day. and that doesn't even begin to get into the state of the union. a big day for the president tomorrow after a divisive year. "hardball" begins right now. >>> something about mary. let's play "hardball." >>> good evening. i'm chris matthews in washington. watergate, federal marshals have arrested a group o
. you have to agree. the "wall street journal". you read from occasionally and the washington times, i know but today there's no "wall street journal". host: and no washington times. caller: please don't interrupt me. host: patty, hold on. we read from other newspapers. caller: the other thing i want to say is, when your hosts are reading from the papers they transpose and insert their own words in lieu of others. for instance you were reading from a paper and inserting the work government and sometimes they actually screw up the whole meaning of the article. also, i wish you guys would have like national review, just to make it a little more fair of some conservative liberal print. the other thing, yesterday there were so many democrats calling on the republican line you could go through half an hour of call in psalms and never once listen to a republican. i don't know how you do that, but it's really getting ridiculous. it's incredible. host: did you want to respond to yemen and new front of terrorism. caller: i do think you could work on when they read from the newspaper they
from congresswoman nita lowy of new york, nbc news terrorism analyst roger cressey and "the washington post" karen deyoung. plus, what is the political fallout from all of this? pat buchanan and steve mcmahon, joining us live. i'm andrea mitchell, live in washington. we begin this hour talking about the big report, with political director and chief white house correspondent, chuck todd. we expect to hear very shortly from the president. what do you expect that we will be hearing? >> reporter: i tell you, from the president you're going to hear some references to the report itself. but the report truly is an after-action report on this christmas day thwarted terrorist attack on that airplane. and it's going to be everything that they can declassify, everything that they can make public. there are a few things they have to keep classified simply because they don't want to let folks know how they're getting certain pieces of intelligence. but they're going to go through, as the administration says, warts and all, of this after action report. the president himself will be attack willing ab
. >>> straight ahead, the so-called washington love child. the high-level obama staffer admits he has a baby we never knew about. >>> where in the world is tiger woods? "us" weekly has new details on where the golfer may be taking cover these days from prying paparazzi eyes. >>> new information shows not everyone was asleep at the wheel before the failed christmas day bomb plot. you're watching msnbc. "s" stands for straightforward. as in up-front, honest... total transparency. straightforward is the way td ameritrade does business. simple, fair pricing. no hidden account fees. no shenanigans. just good value. real help. smart people who are easy to work with. that's what td ameritrade stands for. what does your investment firm stand for? it's time for fresh thinking. it's time for td ameritrade. walgreens invites you to stay well this new year. ♪ with the centers for disease control and prevention saying... that vaccination is still your best protection, walgreens and take care clinics... now offer h1n1 flu vaccinations... every day at our more than 7000 locations nationwide... for just $18.
intelligence doesn't stop in washington. in a message to employees, the head of delta airlines says he is upset that while the airline follows the strict 9/11 security rules its passenger and crew are still put at risk. >> the work that we've done over the last decade really ought to give us a better result than the peril that our crews and passengers faced on christmas. >> reporter: the white house is leading the effort to answer those concerns as the investigation moves forward, president obama is warning administration officials they will be held accountable. in washington, joel brown, wjz eyewitness news. >>> the president has meetings planned for next week in washington when he returns from his vacation in hawaii. >>> to a developing story out of pakistan, where a suicide car bombing has killed at least 88 people at a volleyball tournament. police say the field was packed with spectators when the attacker drove in a car filled with more than 500 pounds of explosives. investigators believe the real target was a nearby antitaliban leaders. on wednesday another suicide bombing killed seven ci
following them in washington. hi. >> hi. both the u.s. and british closed their embassies in yemen because of the al-qaeda threat. white house counterterror advisor john brennan says he is not going to take chances with the lives of diplomats and he says the yemeni government is providing support. brennan is heading the white house review of the attack on the detroit-bound plane. he told "fox news sunday" u.s. intelligence failed to connect the dots. he says there was no smoking gun, no definitive intelligence that was ignored and no sign that agencies refuse to cooperate with each other. >> in the review so far, there is no indication whatsoever that any agency or department was not trying to share information. there were some lapses, there were some human errors, there were some failures of the system to allow that to happen at the speed of light. >> many republicans are criticizing the obama administration for choosing to handle this case in criminal court rather than some type of military commission. >> he should be treated as a prisoner of war. he should be held in a military brig. an
inside yemen topped the president's agenda this week as he returns to washington from his hawaiian vacation. late today, however, the u.s. transportation security administration moved forward on its own with some big changes in how it secures international airline flights bound for the united states. there are a lot of moving parts to this story we want to get to. let's start with nbc's tom costello, who happens to have just arrived off a flight from europe. he joins us from our washington bureau with more on that breaking development from the tsa. tom? >> reporter: lester, good evening. the tsa is saying tonight that all international passengers traveling into the u.s. may well see enhanced random screenings, which will include pat-downs, explosive testing of luggage, and those enhanced body imaging scans before they board a flight. the tsalso says all passengers from or traveling through seven high-risk countries will receive full-body pat-downs and physical inspections of their luggage. those seven countries are yemen, pakistan, nigeria, syria, sudan, an, and cuba. the state dep
the lockerroom of the washington wizards. the latest on the rumors showdown coming up in sports. >>> coming up to the jump. he is going to hit it. >> a maryland man leaps his way into the record books kicking off 2010. >>> plus. >> i wanted to drop some weight and learn a new language. >> save more money. to lose weight and to get a new job. >> have you made your resolution? a look at why it can sometimes be hard to keep those new year's promises. >> really cold out here but the cold is just one thing. this wind is just biting right through this 9news jacket. take a look at your wakeup weather. cold and windy right now. blustery an bitter tomorrow. 20 to 28 degrees. if you don't have to go out this might be the best weekend to just snuggle up indoors. i'll tell you why when 9news now returns. >>> you now have to pay more the next time you jump on the dulles toll road. 25 cents more today. $1 at the gate. on and off ramps are 75 cents. extra revenue will go towards construction of metro silver line extension to dulles international airport. >>> mixed reactions from dc shoppers today as the 5 ce
the overall atmosphere, what a change from only a year ago with all the excitement here in washington and the election and the swearing in of barack obama. >> and to that point, andrea, what does it say about barack obama? you have house speaker nancy pelosi, one headline says she zinged obama by saying there are a number of things he was saying on the campaign trail and that he anoud liberals by claiming he did not campaign on public option. what does this say about him? he is the leader of this party? >> she was a little bit defensive. she was reacting to a formal request from c-span to carry the live coverage of health care negotiations as he had promised during the campaign. that's the kind of promise that candidates make. it's awfully hard to do as a president. what they need, in fact, according to pelosi and the others on the hill is as much privacy as possible. that's not transparency and good government and all the rest, but that's the only way to get a good health care bill. she needs to persuade her members to go along with the senate because they have no margin for error in
't come close enough for "the washington post's" kathleen parker who writes -- "obama's open-collared vacation was deliver odd and katrina time, about two days too late, and fell a few links short of reassuring. calm in the face of potential zaft cere laudable but it's a fine line between executive tranquility and passive nonchalance. like a tone-deaf disk jock ji, obama plays elevator music when the crowd wants john philip souza. i'm joined by analyst pat buchanan and peter fenn. happy new year. >> happy new year, chris. >> is that fair, the criticism that the president was tone-deaf? >> no. the fact is you have to go out and make a statement if you're president of the united states with the facts. i think the administration coming out on sunday and saying the system worked is a legitimate criticism. the system clearly didn't work and the president, you know, on tuesday said just that. but i think -- you know, i think that the monday morning quarterbacking by conservative columnists is really not called for. what the american people want, chris, is they want less finger-poin
have coattails to extend from 2008 to 2010 right now is seeping away. right now in washington, everybody on capitol hill is looking to their own political survival and they are going to make determinations both in terms of whether they run, whether they don't run but also how they vote on health care, financial regulation, all those big issues. much more now based on their own individual political interests than in the larger cause of supporting the president. >> mark, as far as the timing, a lot of people think, oh, maybe they were home with their families over the holidays and got used toyota. i've heard a lot of people find out filing deadlines for the primaries essentially start coming up in a couple weeks, that the democrats dorgan and dodd wanted to make sure other democrats had an opportunity to meet those deadlines. what are you picking up on that? >> absolutely. that's where rahm emanuel -- obviously we're not going to directly see his fingerprints on this. he's been looking at the overall landscape. i think in those states where the incumbents, democratic incumbents
it on fox. we head to washington, america's news headquarters continues. continues. have a great day. captioned by closed captioning services, inc >> shannon: president obama accepts reid's apollology and says it's a closed book but the poor choice of words may be what what the republicans are looking for to topple the democratic leader. how did a would-be terror get on a u.s.-bound jet with a bomb? we ask sue meyer whether the u.s. will be ready the next time. we all remember the miracle on the hudson. more than 150 lives were saved. did you know the emergency landing in the river also sparked a love connection? i'm bloodstream b'm shannon bre. america's news headquarters starts now. i'm sorry, that is the message from harry reid to president obama. the democrat issued the apology after racially charged comments he he made about the 2008 presidential race were revealed in a new book. major garrett joins us from washington with the details. >> reporter: hello, shannon. good afternoon. "i'm sorry" is the word from senate majority leader harry reid but also on the phone to the senate d
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